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Capabilities to Ensure Project Success

Luxury Experience

For three decades, Liebhaber Company’s team of master craftspeople and project managers has focused on luxury residential and hospitality renovation projects in New York City. As experienced general contractors, we understand how co-op and condo boards manage, how Class-A buildings operate, and what design professionals expect when it comes to managing their projects and executing their unique and intricate designs.

Principal Involvement

Because luxury-oriented construction projects require a higher degree of care and attention, from start to finish, our principal is always involved with the project, ready to manage or advise as needed.

Constant Communication

Our practice and ability to communicate with all project stakeholders in a transparent, complete, frequent, and consistent manner is a cornerstone of project success. By communicating in this manner throughout a project’s lifespan, we are able to provide for a more seamless project experience and harmonious job site.

Ability to Anticipate

Key to delivering an exceptional project outcome is being able to anticipate and identify problems before they happen and know how best to resolve them. With 30 years of luxury-focused construction experience, we have the knowledge and forethought to know which elements of a design can be built as intended or which may need to be rethought or value engineered due to constructability, cost, and/or building code.

Dedicated Subcontractors

Over the years, Liebhaber Company has established deep and valued relationships with a select group of subcontractors who are highly regarded in their respective trades, and just as dedicated to the project as we are.

Liebhaber Company is a first-rate company I highly recommend to clients, as well as other interior designers. The quality of Liebhaber’s work is outstanding, and they manage projects in an organized and efficient manner.

Robyn Karp, Principal, Robyn Karp Design
Upper East Side Luxury Town House NYC built by Liebhaber Company

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